…can’t come fast enough (June 2010, hopefully). Because, when it does, I can UPDATE THIS THING MORE without having to worry about a statistics practice packet due tomorrow. Ugh. Also, I can’t wait to return to Korea. See what it’s become.


This is my second time taking midterms while in Korea, and there are pros and cons about it.


I appreciate the fact that there IS an official “Midterm Week” at this school; my home school doesn’t really have a decided midterm week so you’re always stressed about when all the different tests will be.

You get the rest of the week off!!! No classes! WHEEEE!!!!!!


Tests suck in general.

They don’t have a midterm schedule here (where the school officials draft an official schedule for when certain classes should take certain tests at what time, etc. etc. like my home school does); so the professors choose any test date they would like.

Because they choose any test day they would like, I have ended up having, like, three tests on Monday. Without fail, this happened both during midterms AND finals last semester. It also happened during this semester’s midterm. I wouldn’t be surprised if it happened again for finals. *stabs self*

Also because of this, you tend to have an “outlier” test; For example, my last midterm might be on a Thursday. Thus I have Tuesday and Wednesday wasted; I could’ve had the test on a Tuesday, then I perhaps would’ve been able to to travel somewhere! Urgh.

Finding places to study on campus can be a huge hassle… especially since you’re competing for space with 40,000 other extremely practiced and cunning Korean college students who know all of the shortcuts for reserving seats in Centennial Hall and the Hana Square study rooms…
The stress level has exponentially skyrocketed around campus.

Spring = balmy, gorgeous weather =/= focused studying mood. 😥 You just want to lay out on the grass at Main Square for the whole day and order Chinese food to be delivered to you and… *sighs*

I’m sure I could find a host of other reasons if I really tried hard. 😀

As you can see, the pros most definitely outweigh the cons. This said, I believe all midterms should be abolished.
AT LEAST I’M DONE. HALLELUJAH. Everyone, good luck with the rest of yours! 화이팅! ^^