Club Rat

I had definitely heard this song before, but I didn’t really find out what song it was until that one night in Seoul. So whenever I listen to this song on my iTunes, I’m reminded of this night, and I smile. Good memories, haha.

I think it was a Saturday. I was interning at SK with Jerome M. We decided to meet Saturday night and go to a few bars and clubbing around Hongdae. Man, I remember how freaking bitterly cold it was that night. Wow. Seriously, never has an evening’s temperature stood out so vividly in my mind. It was seriously like the analogical knife. The streets were almost deserted because people were thinking twice about vernturing out into the cold streets, much less party. They were probably all sitting on their heated floors at home, watching Gag Concert or something. 😛

I even remember distinctly what I was wearing that night. My working/intelligent girl glasses that I bought for W8,000 (~$8), my short-sleeved black and charcoal-striped turtleneck shirt, my black Uniqlo skinny jeans, and my vintage Gucci mod-style black and white heels. Why the hell did I wear glasses to go clubbing?! I will never remember the logic behind it. xD

Anyways, we meet at Sangsu Station and decide to go to a Japanese bar first. Had some hot and cold sake and that one Japanese food that has what looks like brown tissue paper sprinkled on top (it’s so thin, it waves in the slightest wind, so it looks like this strange food that you think could be found at the bottom of the ocean, haha). Then we decide to go hit the clubs. He takes me to a couple of his favorite around Hongdae, like Tool and oh, that one place… can’t remember the name. Both are deserted when we go in, then people slowly start coming in little by little. I was not feeling it whatsoever, so we leave the second bar we’re in and go to Ska 2 because it was free entrance that night or something.

It’s pretty crowded, and the music is fun and dancey. Then the song comes on! It’s a song that normally you wouldn’t even think you would be able to dance to, but hey, whatever, it works. Then somehow, we end up meeting a group of old high school buddies who are having their annual reunion at Ska 2. They have a table reserved and everything. Jerome’s a pretty personable guy, which is probably why we got pulled over to sit with them, haha. We talk to them, everyone is either drunk or pretty far gone or in bubbly good spirits. There are two other girls there, both American girls. We talk to them, eat the guys’ refreshments, blah blah blah. Jerome suddenly says he has to go, but I decide to stay because I like these people. He leaves, and ends up taking my camera (which I didn’t realize until later).

After awhile, all of us leave the club into the freaking cold winter. Our cheeks are red within minutes, haha. By then, it was probably like 5:30 or 6:00 AM, so the subway has been running for about half an hour or so. We all split up and go home, taking the subway or walking, all calling out byes to each other, them meeting us for the first time, but still so friendly and concerned about our safety, them splitting up and escorting us girls to our respective modes of transporation, walking away into the bitterly cold pale pink-red glow of the sunrise, breaths billowing out in front of us, hands thrust deep into our pockets, shoulders hunched.

Man. I miss Korea. No danger at all. No obligations. Just good, friendly fun. That night is still so vivid in my mind; I don’t know why it stands out so much. Thinking about it, there were plenty of more memorable nights during my year-long stay in Korea, but this somehow stands out. Looking through the pictures makes me smile. I’m so simple-minded, haha.

It’s one month until my 21st birthday today.


Why are male professional dancers so hot. Hahahahaha. Ah, and then really interesting how a well-designed (and well-selected) pair of glasses can make a person look 10000x better.

(The hot guy that is apparently a professional dancer. Hee hee. 😀 )

Anyways, was at Club Answer for the Wally Lopez DJ show last night with Roos and towards the end of his set, I got invited up to stand next to him behind his equipment! He waved at me to come up, and up I went, haha. There were some club staff that tried to stop me, but he waved his arm to let me through and then I was standing next to him! It was really cool! I looked at the equipment and it seems like a completely multi-tasking job. So many things to control and be aware of at once; you have to insert the right CD to play the next song, you have to listen to the headphones to decide what track to play next, you have to fiddle with some buttons and slides to add and control sound effects, etc. etc. Oh yeah, he took a picture with me hahahahaha. It was seriously so fun! I now want to try DJ-ing more than ever. However, the crowd last night was ok. Not many of the usual hipster-ish crowd that I love to go and see, haha. That’s ok, I think the crowd was right for the DJ, anyways.

But it was amazing! I think I’ve turned into a club rat, hee hee. That’s ok… it’s all in the pursuit of great music.

But I am still VERY MUCH so upset about missing the Steve Aoki show at the Walkerhill Hotel the weekend I was in Daegu (대구). The freaking COBRASNAKE WAS THERE. AUGH. I can’t believe I missed one of the biggest shows of the year in Seoul. Sigh. When I found out the COBRASNAKE WAS THERE… you have no idea how crushed I was. Sighhhhhhh.

I really want a white pair of Doc Marten boots. The issue is… do I buy a pair of them here, where they’re like 2x the price, or when I go back to the United States? The logical answer is… I wait and buy them when I’m back in the United States but… I really want them now. Typical Eunice thinking. And yes, I shouldn’t and I probably won’t, but I WANT I WANT I WANT. It’s totally illogical to buy them here because they’re so much more incredibly expensive, and they’d be really heavy to ship back when I can just buy them in the States for cheaper and be able to choose from a wider variety of boots. Oh, how I love and dislike this city. Seoul has captured my heart and will always.

Yummy… *drools* Also need to find a pair of silver or gold sneakers to wear to the SPEKTRA show on June 6th, once again at Answer…