So… uh… is it just me or is Big Bang’s new single 하루하루 REALLY emo, cheesy, and overall over-the-top?

Dear God, they even have streaks of ruined eyeliner under their eyes, and it’s done OBVIOUSLY. OBVIOUSLY, the concept of “emos” has not completely entered the Korean culture yet. *gags*

The acting was really cheesy and over-the-top… I feel the boys are overdoing their acting performances because they want to come off as more “tough” and “manly” (they do look really young).

I didn’t want to state all this on the youtube comments pages for the music video, though because all of the teeny-boppers would just flame me without understanding my logic, because they’re not old enough to know where I’m coming from, haha.

Ah, age. It’s both a curse and blessing at the same time.