Only in Korea would you see a boyfriend holding back his girlfriend’s bangs with one hand and lovingly and meticulously wiping her greasy forehead with one of those oil-absorbing papers with the other.


I really have nothing to say about this, hahaha. Only that this couple sat next to me on the subway and I was a firsthand witness to this strange ritual.

I mean, I’m freaking Korean-American! I was raised with Korean culture! I know what it’s like to be manhandled by Korean ajummas and being what could be called “molested” by Western standards in order to be bathed, clothed, etc. etc. as a young child/adult. I’m used to Korean adults blithely telling you to lose weight because they feel like its their duty to make you look better. I’m used to seeing my family members on the toilet, because the bathroom is such a… public place… in Korean society. I’m used to being spanked, Korean-style, and thinking it’s a normal thing as a child. Ya know? But this… this. *ashen face* I’m used to seeing all manners of bathroom behavior being performed on the public subway (contact lenses being put in with the bottle of solution, case, and everything balanced precariously on her lap being an example). But… this… 0_0

Also… for any women that have lived outside of Korea for an extended period of time and have come here… be warned… Korean men are… hm… they’re quite hard to crack. Even Korean men that are ethnically Korean, but are gyopos from other countries. Bah. Maybe I’m just incompetent. I mean, I’m freaking Korean-American, raised with a pretty good dose of Korean culture, and I’m like, “WTF?!” when it comes to the guys here. It’s like… you can’t touch, only see. ㅜ_ㅜ I dunno. The concept of dating here is such a delicate, intricate dance, so subtle and there’s so many slight nuances, that if you can’t quite catch all of those subtle nuances, you apparently can’t have ANYTHING going. Ok, I’m venting, and need to stop. That’s probably all you want to hear, haha. Sigh. Ah, frustrations.