I am *supposedly* supposed to depart from the land of my ancestors at around 4:35 PM, August 8th, 2008.

But. I went to Answer last night, and as I was walking in… I saw a line of posters broadcasting this:


FUCK!!!!!! ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS?!??!?! THE NIGHT THAT I LEAVE?!??!??!!?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!??!??!?!? JUSTICE??!??!!?!?? NO!!! NO!!!!! I will go see Justice! I changed my flight schedule for free last time; perhaps this time, with plenty of notice in advance, I will be able to change it again for a small fee. Bah. Or maybe not. In any case… Justice is coming to Seoul…

If I listen to Bora and decide to stay in Korea longer… then I’ll be able to go see them. Oh my god… More information in my Facebook note…