about a few people using Macs.


No, seriously. I’ve never seen this one guy NOT use Windows… on his brand-new Macbook Air, to boot. Augh. It’s like… Did you buy it just to show off your shiny new gadget and was too lazy to learn how to maneuver the new operating system?! if so, what a waste of money, because the Macbook Air actually ISN’T the thinnest laptop in the world; that distinction was given to the Mitsubish Pedion, which is basically dead. Anyways, what I mean is, instead of buying a computer with a totally different operating system just for its shinyness and “innovativeness”… get the equivalent that has the operating system you’re used to on it! I feel like it’s such a waste. I mean, you could be learning about a new operating system and how to use it… but no, you’ve got to slap on good ol’ Windows on. a. Mac. and use it constantly.

I understand that it’s nice to run Windows on a Mac, because let’s face it – the Mac edition of Microsoft Office is nowhere near as efficient as the new Microsoft Office 2007 suite. And we all want to use a properly-working edition of Excel sometimes! But still… the people that do the above… I just don’t understand. Money to burn, perhaps?