The floors of Korean houses and rooms, following tradition, are pseudo-hardwood (some plasticky kind of stuff) or linoleum in wood patterns.
I used to dream about having real hardwood floors in my dream house when I’m married. Not so sure anymore.

The floors of my room are these plasticky planks with a wood pattern and wood-y grooves. It’s ok. It also somehow seems to get dirtier than a real hardwood floor would. It’s really annoying and gross. All the dust and stuff stick to your feet, and I vacuum close to four times a day. I go completely OCD now when it comes to my floor. Even after vacuuming thoroughly, I can’t guarantee that my foot will be completely clean when I walk around. Aughhghghgh. Also, because it’s a hard, flat surface, my feet and legs don’t really have a plushy cushion to walk on. Also, I have to wipe my feet thoroughly with a towel before I climb into bed to make sure I don’t drag any dust into my bed. A rug would be a good idea, except that it, too, would get really dusty and disgusting fast with the speed that my floor accumulates dust and dirt. *frustrated sigh*

So I’ve started missing carpet. A lot. Oh, to sink my aching feet into some soft carpet after a day of trekking around in 4-inch heels… Mmmm. And don’t tell me this is just because I wear heels… it’s the same even when I wear flats or sneakers. Argh. Those plushy fibers of goodness… my toes weep for them.

Bottom line: Only a SMALL portion of my dream house in the future shall have hardwood floors! ><!