April 2008

The floors of Korean houses and rooms, following tradition, are pseudo-hardwood (some plasticky kind of stuff) or linoleum in wood patterns.
I used to dream about having real hardwood floors in my dream house when I’m married. Not so sure anymore.

The floors of my room are these plasticky planks with a wood pattern and wood-y grooves. It’s ok. It also somehow seems to get dirtier than a real hardwood floor would. It’s really annoying and gross. All the dust and stuff stick to your feet, and I vacuum close to four times a day. I go completely OCD now when it comes to my floor. Even after vacuuming thoroughly, I can’t guarantee that my foot will be completely clean when I walk around. Aughhghghgh. Also, because it’s a hard, flat surface, my feet and legs don’t really have a plushy cushion to walk on. Also, I have to wipe my feet thoroughly with a towel before I climb into bed to make sure I don’t drag any dust into my bed. A rug would be a good idea, except that it, too, would get really dusty and disgusting fast with the speed that my floor accumulates dust and dirt. *frustrated sigh*

So I’ve started missing carpet. A lot. Oh, to sink my aching feet into some soft carpet after a day of trekking around in 4-inch heels… Mmmm. And don’t tell me this is just because I wear heels… it’s the same even when I wear flats or sneakers. Argh. Those plushy fibers of goodness… my toes weep for them.

Bottom line: Only a SMALL portion of my dream house in the future shall have hardwood floors! ><!


I just watched a high-quality (or higher-quality than the other crap resolution versions on the Internet) version of the American monster movie Cloverfield… and let me tell you, it was intense. I loved the way it was shot and the way the story was told… made it completely realistic and I felt like I was there with them. Shot in real time and without a soundtrack like other movies, it made it gritty and raw. Oh man, it was intense. Really good movie. Because of the first-person point of view and the lack of music, I actually felt the ending and wondered what I would be like had I been in the same situation as the characters. Oh man.

I wish I had seen this movie in theaters, motion sickness or not! (Actually, watching it on the computer didn’t make me sick at all… but when you’re in a dark movie theater watching it on a huge screen, you never know.) I think this was one of those movies that you have to watch in theaters to really feel it… I bet audiences just sat there in stunned, post-adrenaline-rush silence for like 5 minutes until the music in the credits started playing. Oh maaaaan. I would’ve so gone to watch it on screen if only for the audience experience! Unfortunately, trying to watch an American movie in a foreign country whose #1 movie genre is romance is a little difficult, especially because the local friends are not too keen on watching a “boom-crash-bombs-things-exploding” monster movie. Oh well. The audience reaction wouldn’t have been the same as an audience reaction in the States, too. 😦

I was reading some forums and message boards about the movie, and someone asked if the movie was scary. Um, I would say that it was shocking more than scary.


I say this because of the raw, gritty, first-person point of view that it was shot in, without any music embellishing the events. It was incredibly realistic, and that made me think about what it would be like had I been in the same situations – that frightened me. I especially felt this in the end scene right before Rob and Beth are bombed on – when Rob started speaking into the camera and the sirens suddenly start wailing – my heart sank and I felt this impending sense of doom, as if I were with them, especially when he trailed off and looked away when he heard the sirens. So yeah, the realistic way in which the movie was shot really shocked me. It was intense. The whole time, I was thinking, “OMG, what if I were in that situation; what would I do?!?!” That’s the sign of a good movie, if it makes the audience members feel like they are actually there with the characters.


However, so intense. I’m really interested in how they’re going to make the sequel! YAY~

…that I wouldn’t have thought twice about before I spent 8 months in a foreign land…

I just finished watching The Nanny Diaries and heard this quote towards the end and wow, it really struck me.

“There’s a common belief among anthropologists that you must immerse yourself in an unfamiliar world in order to truly understand your own.”

He has now become my ideal for the perfect boyfriend. Oh my goodness. Oh. My. Goodness.

Pictures don’t do him justice. *totally lovestruck* *_*

Also, Citizen Dog (หมานคร, Mah Nakorn), a Thai movie, was absolutely wonderful. I loved it. It was stunning visually and just… GAH. Beautiful film!

GO WATCH THE MOVIE. OMG. If you watch it, you’ll probably see what I mean by my first sentence, hee hee. ;D

I want to put on a cute dress and prance around all day and not care about anything!

It is rainy and dumb and boys are stupid and ugh.

I want hot chocolate and to watch a movie curled up in my bed. ;_;

Rain can be dumb sometimes. I’m so bored and 심심해 but there’s only so much you can do at 9:42 PM on a Tuesday night that feels like a Friday.

Life is so fantastically ironic sometimes, and it’s really laughing at me everything something like this happens. I don’t know, I’m just really bummed. Sigh~

Did I mention boys are stupid?


This is my second time taking midterms while in Korea, and there are pros and cons about it.


I appreciate the fact that there IS an official “Midterm Week” at this school; my home school doesn’t really have a decided midterm week so you’re always stressed about when all the different tests will be.

You get the rest of the week off!!! No classes! WHEEEE!!!!!!


Tests suck in general.

They don’t have a midterm schedule here (where the school officials draft an official schedule for when certain classes should take certain tests at what time, etc. etc. like my home school does); so the professors choose any test date they would like.

Because they choose any test day they would like, I have ended up having, like, three tests on Monday. Without fail, this happened both during midterms AND finals last semester. It also happened during this semester’s midterm. I wouldn’t be surprised if it happened again for finals. *stabs self*

Also because of this, you tend to have an “outlier” test; For example, my last midterm might be on a Thursday. Thus I have Tuesday and Wednesday wasted; I could’ve had the test on a Tuesday, then I perhaps would’ve been able to to travel somewhere! Urgh.

Finding places to study on campus can be a huge hassle… especially since you’re competing for space with 40,000 other extremely practiced and cunning Korean college students who know all of the shortcuts for reserving seats in Centennial Hall and the Hana Square study rooms…
The stress level has exponentially skyrocketed around campus.

Spring = balmy, gorgeous weather =/= focused studying mood. 😥 You just want to lay out on the grass at Main Square for the whole day and order Chinese food to be delivered to you and… *sighs*

I’m sure I could find a host of other reasons if I really tried hard. 😀

As you can see, the pros most definitely outweigh the cons. This said, I believe all midterms should be abolished.
AT LEAST I’M DONE. HALLELUJAH. Everyone, good luck with the rest of yours! 화이팅! ^^

So apparently more people than I thought are reading my blog… thus I shall be hiding some of the posts of my more immature, 7-months-ago self. >:] Bwa ha ha. I shall be updating this more frequently. Please come and read more! 😀

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