So I woke up at 8:53 AM today. I’m supposed to be in my seat at work by 9:00 AM, which is when the workday starts. WHOOPS.

Now, the rule of thumb is that taxi is always faster than the subway, but it’s also about (on average) 6 times more expensive. Subway = 900W (about 90 cents), whereas the taxi I took today was about 6800W (about $6.80). But taxis are faster! I got to work in about 20 minutes, including traffic, whereas with transferring in the subway, it would’ve taken me about 35-40 minutes. WHOO WEE.

I ran out the door, then stopped in my tracks because I saw that it was snowing. Hell no, man. I ain’t trekking to the subway, probably slipping and sliding every third step and risking tumbling down the stairs, and then being even more late to work. I flagged down a taxi. Yesssssssssssss. >:]