If I blow dry my hair and bangs (앞머리) a certain way, I look very much like Cleopatra. Kekeke.

Elizabeth Taylor as CleopatraUgh.

Ok, well, as Elizabeth Taylor embodiment of Cleopatra hair. Ugh. I wanted to tell the lady to cut my bangs with the thinning shears (you know, the scissors with the comb-ish looking blades) so that I could have bangs that looked nice and natural… but even before I could get a word out, she swooped in and snipped my bangs nice. and. straight. Oh. My. God. And so now I look like every other Korean high school girl. 고등학생같아. ㅠㅠ Nice. I just think that extreme style of bangs is too extreme for my face-type. I need more fly-away-ish bangs, because I have a round-ish/heart-shaped face. 😦 At least it was only 1000W원 ($1) to just cut bangs. Bah.