January 2008

So, I had no idea I was going to cry while watching “Juno”.

I think it’s becuase I’ve been whirling a bit emotionally subconsciously recently, and I’ve been bottling it up inside me. And because there have been subconsciously emotionally draining events recently.
Blah. I’m going to be in a meloncholy mood all day now, haha. God, I sound like one of those artsy-prose hipsters. Lol.


So I keep making the same exact mistake over and over again. Because I don’t know what to do anymore. Aughhhhhhhhhhhh. And then regretting those mistakes over and over again. Sigh. Boys suck. I just need to cut him off. Aughhhhhhahsghhghgghg. Asdfghjkl. Why can’t I just cut him off?! He’s not right for me but… I just can’t cut him off. Augh. *hits head against wall repeatedly*

1. People are strange sometimes. Not like in “serial-killer” way but just like… in small things. Yeah.

2. Boys can be very stupid.

3. Boys are just as strange as girls.

4. I want to get drunk tonight, dammit. And have/go to a dance party where I don’t care what I look like dancing and I’m not self-conscious when I’m dancing. That means either I must either get drunk or go to a crowded venue.



7. I DO have more chances to come back here… so stop freaking out.

8. Top song I want to dance to right now: The Notorious B.I.G. – Hypnotize.

9. Korean people have a lot of hidden sad stories. Especially at my exchange school… just because you attend a prestigious university doesn’t mean that you came from the Korean version of the “American dream” family. There’s a lot of sad circumstances that a lot of students had to overcome and suffer through to get here…

10. I hope my family doesnt read this, lol. ㅋㅋㅋ

My mom wanted me to do this, lol.

She said on Gmail chat: “Please my name on your Home page, as your friend.”

HEE HEE HEE HEE, the joys of Konglish, hahaha~

Ok. Here it is:


Maria Kwon (김명희)

Age: …

This is weird. I’m going to stop, haha. 엄마, that was your shout-out, haha. If you do not know what a “shout-out” is… please ask 유진이 (Ruth, my little sister, haha). Ok, Mommy, 사랑하고 감기조심하세요! ㅋㅋㅋ

If I blow dry my hair and bangs (앞머리) a certain way, I look very much like Cleopatra. Kekeke.

Elizabeth Taylor as CleopatraUgh.

Ok, well, as Elizabeth Taylor embodiment of Cleopatra hair. Ugh. I wanted to tell the lady to cut my bangs with the thinning shears (you know, the scissors with the comb-ish looking blades) so that I could have bangs that looked nice and natural… but even before I could get a word out, she swooped in and snipped my bangs nice. and. straight. Oh. My. God. And so now I look like every other Korean high school girl. 고등학생같아. ㅠㅠ Nice. I just think that extreme style of bangs is too extreme for my face-type. I need more fly-away-ish bangs, because I have a round-ish/heart-shaped face. 😦 At least it was only 1000W원 ($1) to just cut bangs. Bah.

So I woke up at 8:53 AM today. I’m supposed to be in my seat at work by 9:00 AM, which is when the workday starts. WHOOPS.

Now, the rule of thumb is that taxi is always faster than the subway, but it’s also about (on average) 6 times more expensive. Subway = 900W (about 90 cents), whereas the taxi I took today was about 6800W (about $6.80). But taxis are faster! I got to work in about 20 minutes, including traffic, whereas with transferring in the subway, it would’ve taken me about 35-40 minutes. WHOO WEE.

I ran out the door, then stopped in my tracks because I saw that it was snowing. Hell no, man. I ain’t trekking to the subway, probably slipping and sliding every third step and risking tumbling down the stairs, and then being even more late to work. I flagged down a taxi. Yesssssssssssss. >:]

권율 (Kwon Yool)

This is my great ancestor! 😀

 Read about him here: Wikipedia link , information in Korean

I’m sure I resemble him a little. v^__________^v