So my favorite clubs in Seoul (out of the ones I’ve been to so far… which haven’t been TOO many… I think) are, in no particular order…

1.  Club mASS (house music – hell yeah!!!!)

2. the Noise Basement (rap/hip-hop)

3.  S Bar (rap/hip-hop)

Woo woo! 😀

Korean people really can’t dance very well, in my opinion hahahha. The guys just usually weave from side to side or do this weird… jumping thing hahahahha. The girls just stand there and shuffle from side to side or shake their shoulders a little. I think they’re all too self-conscious because they’ve been raised with Confucian ideals that have trained them to act modestly and demurely. But what’s so endearing about the the guys is that they don’t care, they just dance, so it totally makes up for their lack of skill because they just make dancing badly look good, hahahaha. I’m not so sure about the girls. They just need to let go and just DANCE, hahah. But I bring a little bit of the American dancing, so they just WISH they could dance with that amazingness like me. DON’T YOU WISH YOUR GIRLFRIEND COULD DANCE LIKE ME. LOL. Naw, jk.

I am totally addicted to this now, hahaha. I might as well go as much as I can before I leave because heaven knows that I 1) can’t go to the clubs in Fresno and 2) don’t want to go the clubs in Fresno. *shudders in disgust*

Awwww… I’m going to miss Seoul so freaking much when I go back… 😥  Like, I can’t even being to imagine how much I’m going to miss Korea when I go back… Ughhhhh.