So I lugged my viola all the way out here to play for my cousin’s wedding; I ended up not playing it for the wedding. So the thing has been sitting in my room for about a month and a half, collecting dust. Well, I finally decided to join the school orchestra! I might as well play it in the orchestra while here and keep my viola limber, meet new people, play wonderful songs, etc. Turns out we’re playing Dvorak again. Hey, no complaining, he’s one of my favorite composers, but this will be like the third time I’ve played this symphony gaaaccck (Dvorak’s Ninth Symphony, the one with the final movement that has a beginning slightly reminiscent of the Jaws theme, haha).

So I opened my viola case for the first time today and POOF. I had no idea so much bow hair could fall off of 4 bows in, like, 2 months. Gah!~ I clipped so much hair off the bows that the garbage man will probably think I killed and harvested the hair off a horse or something. 😦

One of the things I love about classical music is that it is universal. Regardless of language or country, the music is the same, and there are no verbal miscommunications… because there are no verbal directions. I looked at the music they gave me and I am totally at ease and do not have to worry about Korean vocabulary I don’t know, etc. All of the symbols are the same; fingerings, bowings, everything! Ahhhh, I love music.

So apparently I might be one of the more skilled members of the orchestra. Since this university does not have a music department, many of the orchestra members (especially the viola section) have just started their instrument after they started college. EEK. I started viola in 8th grade… about 7 years ago. Oh man, I wonder if I’ll be expected to be section leader again… SECTION LEADER IN A FOREIGN COUNTRY?! Wow. I’m not sure if I’ll be ready for that, if I am called upon. I hate making mistakes… especially on difficult pieces, haha.