October 2007


For all of y’all who have Asian friends that you drink with together… you will know what I am talking about. You’ve seen those Asian friends that turn bright red as soon as their have a sip of their drink, hahaha. Oh man, oh man. I was so blessed not to have this. Oh man, oh man.


So my favorite clubs in Seoul (out of the ones I’ve been to so far… which haven’t been TOO many… I think) are, in no particular order…

1.  Club mASS (house music – hell yeah!!!!)

2. the Noise Basement (rap/hip-hop)

3.  S Bar (rap/hip-hop)

Woo woo! 😀

Korean people really can’t dance very well, in my opinion hahahha. The guys just usually weave from side to side or do this weird… jumping thing hahahahha. The girls just stand there and shuffle from side to side or shake their shoulders a little. I think they’re all too self-conscious because they’ve been raised with Confucian ideals that have trained them to act modestly and demurely. But what’s so endearing about the the guys is that they don’t care, they just dance, so it totally makes up for their lack of skill because they just make dancing badly look good, hahahaha. I’m not so sure about the girls. They just need to let go and just DANCE, hahah. But I bring a little bit of the American dancing, so they just WISH they could dance with that amazingness like me. DON’T YOU WISH YOUR GIRLFRIEND COULD DANCE LIKE ME. LOL. Naw, jk.

I am totally addicted to this now, hahaha. I might as well go as much as I can before I leave because heaven knows that I 1) can’t go to the clubs in Fresno and 2) don’t want to go the clubs in Fresno. *shudders in disgust*

Awwww… I’m going to miss Seoul so freaking much when I go back… 😥  Like, I can’t even being to imagine how much I’m going to miss Korea when I go back… Ughhhhh.

AUGH! So it is midterm week here at Korea University. HORROR.

So today is going to be a repeat of my finals week last semester in Cali: three finals in one day. Wheeeeeeee. I stayed up till 3 studying for one. Have to still study for one more that’s at 3:30 PM. Hopefully, I can get by with just skimming through the material for the Korean class midterm.

But the bright side is… tomorrow I have one midterm in the morning at 9 AND THEN I AM DONE, AND THEN I HOP ON THE SUBWAY AND GO WINDOW SHOPPING (or shopping? hee hee hee >:) ) WITH OR WITHOUT SOMEONE I DON’T CARE I WILL GO BY MYSELF IF I HAVE TO. I just need to look more fashionable, maaaaaan. Hahaha. BUT ISN’T THAT GREAT?!?!!? I’M DONE TOMORROW!! BWA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!! The only thing that sucks is that I’m probably the only person at this school that will be done by tomorrow… so I will have no one to hang out with during alllllll of my free time. 😥 And to hang out with my cousins, I have to wait until 6, when they get off work. 😦 I need glasses with white frames. Crap, I need them really badly. Like, NAOW.


So one down, 3 more to go! So freaking awesome. /sarcasm

EDIT: Ok. So finished my last midterm a couple hours ago. I’m so pissed, haha. The professor didn’t even bother proofreading the test after he finished writing it, so there were errors all over the test, and his grammar was awful (he’s from Germanny). If I got confused and had to slow down to read and triple-analyze the questions, think o

I have a light smattering of freckles across my cheeks. And that’s very unflattering for a Korean girl, because the standard of beauty in Korea is for a girl to have pale ivory skin with nary a single blemish. Tans aren’t very desired here. Yet my aunt says that I have a pretty light skin tone, and always dotes on me about it, haha. I guess these freckles got a little darker because I had so much sun exposure at the Korea University-Yonsei Games.  The darker of a skin tone you have in Korea, the more low-class you are viewed as (or from the country, where they work in the sun in the fields, so dark skin tone = farmer).

Oh well. I guess these freckles give me character.



…The KU Business school’s #1 eligible bachelor hahahahahha WHO DATED MISS KOREA HONEY LEE HAHAHAHAHAHA OMFG I’m so tickled this is hilarious hahahahahahahahhaha. Whoda thunk?! HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHA ME?! HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I better be hella careful and extra careful of how I dress, talk, and act these next few months. Woooooo~

We’ll see how this goes.

So I lugged my viola all the way out here to play for my cousin’s wedding; I ended up not playing it for the wedding. So the thing has been sitting in my room for about a month and a half, collecting dust. Well, I finally decided to join the school orchestra! I might as well play it in the orchestra while here and keep my viola limber, meet new people, play wonderful songs, etc. Turns out we’re playing Dvorak again. Hey, no complaining, he’s one of my favorite composers, but this will be like the third time I’ve played this symphony gaaaccck (Dvorak’s Ninth Symphony, the one with the final movement that has a beginning slightly reminiscent of the Jaws theme, haha).

So I opened my viola case for the first time today and POOF. I had no idea so much bow hair could fall off of 4 bows in, like, 2 months. Gah!~ I clipped so much hair off the bows that the garbage man will probably think I killed and harvested the hair off a horse or something. 😦

One of the things I love about classical music is that it is universal. Regardless of language or country, the music is the same, and there are no verbal miscommunications… because there are no verbal directions. I looked at the music they gave me and I am totally at ease and do not have to worry about Korean vocabulary I don’t know, etc. All of the symbols are the same; fingerings, bowings, everything! Ahhhh, I love music.

So apparently I might be one of the more skilled members of the orchestra. Since this university does not have a music department, many of the orchestra members (especially the viola section) have just started their instrument after they started college. EEK. I started viola in 8th grade… about 7 years ago. Oh man, I wonder if I’ll be expected to be section leader again… SECTION LEADER IN A FOREIGN COUNTRY?! Wow. I’m not sure if I’ll be ready for that, if I am called upon. I hate making mistakes… especially on difficult pieces, haha.

Oh ho ho ho. I see that my keen powers of observation are still razor-sharp even here in South Korea! :3 Damn, I’m good at this. I really can’t believe how good I am at this.

…Let me have this small moment of glory and self-narcissism, because God knows I don’t think too highly of myself in a lot of things, hahaha.

Korea University Orchestra (관현악단)
Phone number: (82) 11-9923-9114

I must find out more about this orchestra so I can go play my viola in it while I am here. Yes, I hauled my huge-ass viola all the way out here, 3,000 miles away from home just so I could play on it. Yes, I am devoted to music. I’m such an Orch Dork, hahaha.