I am about to go insane. The person above me has been bouncing something on the floor sporadically for the past hour and it is making me go insane. Oh. My. Goodness. My hypothalamus is overloaded beyond belief, especially since I went to bed at 4 AM. GAHHHHHH. I think this is the same person that I’ve heard having sex twice… I think. I mean, a consistently creaking bed for about 20 minutes?! Ughhhhhhhhhh. Oh, the joys of living in a city and having to live in an apartment…

Anyways, I’m hella tired after travelling for 5 hours on the bus yesterday. (It should’ve taken around 2.5 hours, but traffic was so insane because everyone was trying to drive back up to Seoul at once.) And then I went to a PC bang with some friends and played games for 2 hours (they played for 4). That completely sucked my brains out. Then I stayed up ’till 4 AM, God knows why. Well, ok, I did update this blog and edit the pictures. I really need to figure out how to change the time on this blog. It’s still on American time. It’s actually 11:33 AM and Thursday, September 27th right now; Korea is a day ahead of the States because of the International Date Line.

So! You must have some questions! Why did it take me 3 hours longer to get back to Seoul? What is a PC bang? Well, let me answer them for you!

So this week is the week of 추석 (Chu-seok), the Korean Thanksgiving holiday. The actual holiday was on Tuesday, but, like in the states, we get the whole week off. What Koreans do during Chu-seok is all return to their hometowns, or the city where their family originally came from. The thing is, everyone (or 40-60% of the entire population) basically lives in Seoul, the capital city of South Korea that has about 10,400,000 people living in it. Most of these peoples’ hometowns is NOT Seoul, so everyone needs to leave to return to their hometowns. This translates into, of course, massive traffic jams and extended and delayed traveling times. I went with my cousins to 대전 (Daejun), a city about 2 hours south of Seoul where they grew up, and we intentionally left Seoul at a weird time (midnight, haha) in order to avoid the traffic. This resulted in my cousin, who was driving, to become a little groggy, so we pulled into a rest stop and slept until dawn then drove to Daejun, but my cousin was still sleepy so we got into a car accident (just a simple rearending), which is another story in itself, but arrived after avoiding traffic. That was a bad run-on sentence. (The rest stops here in Korea – and Japan, my friend told me – are just simply amazing and so safe. Absolutely NOTHING like American rest stops. Wow. I mean, the ones here have freaking GARDENS, FOUNTAINS, and CAGES OF BIRDS inside the BATHROOMS. I’m not shitting you. I’ll take pictures next time.)

So, after arriving at your hometown, you just hang out and whatnot until the actual holiday. Then you have to get up at the crack of dawn and prepare food for the ceremony and prepare for the guests that will be coming. The family of the oldest male sibling will be hosting this holiday every year. My uncle (the cousins’ father) is the oldest male sibling in his family, so family came to his house. They hold the ceremony, eat breakfast, and then leave. We had a huge nap afterwards (preparation is huge so my cousins and uncle had stayed up late, but had to get up at 5 AM). Once I put up pictures, I will explain this in more depth.

Ok, next, the PC bang! Bwa ha ha ha. The infamous PC bang. Ok, first of all, the pronunciation isn’t “bang” as in, “Bang, bang! You’re dead!” but like the first “a” sound in “aria”. (Ah-ria, bahng.) It’s the Korean word for “room” (방), so basically, it’s a room full of computers. It’s basically like an Internet cafe, where all of the computers have Internet access, but it’s mostly known for gaming. You go and play games or check your e-mail, whatever, and pay for how long you’ve been there when you leave. You can also get drinks, buy snacks, etc. I will also take a picture of this next time I go, haha. So we basically played online games against each other for what felt like a long time. I was so drained after I left, haha.

I now want Eggo waffles. Apple cinnamon flavor. Oh woe. *cries*