So, suddenly, I got this sudden craving to just grab a box of Cheez-Its, sprawl out on a bed or couch and read the trashy rich-girl book series Gossip Girl. Oh my God, I really need to find an English-language novel, magazine, SOMETHING. I’m just CRAVING reading something in English in paper form!

American foods I’m really craving:

1. Tomato soup with a grilled cheese sandwich.

2. Actually, make that any kind of American soup. Especially broccoli cream soup (haha, a couple people know that I’m quite partial to this soup).

3. American-style veggie pizza. 😦

4. You know those really simple, cheap meals that you get at like a volunteering function or something? The ones that give you a hot dog, bag of chips, and a Pepsi? Yeah, I’m missing hot dogs, bags of chips, and Pepsi all together. I really am weird.

5. Spaghetti/Pasta with tomato sauce and Parmesan cheese. I used to make this all the time!

6. Those pink and white frosted animal crackers. OMG~ Taylor, Shaina, and I used to consume those by the bag, haha.

7. Trader Joe’s chimichangas

8. Fuck that, Trader Joe’s in GENERAL. *weeps*


10. And then, like last week… I craved CUPCAKES. Wth?! I NEVER crave sweets like that. Cookies, cupcakes, cake, cheesecake, chocolate… I never crave those things, because I’ve never really liked them. But that one day… I was missing Betty Crocker vanilla cupcakes. And then Funfetti cake. *cries*

11. Good Mac-n-Cheese

12. Hearty sandwiches like Subway or Quiznos (oh goodness me, Quizno’s). Yeah, yeah, there’s Subway in Korea but not one in my general vicinity (I think), so I’m kinda stuck. I wonder how different it’ll be.

13. Fresno fruit. I swear people, I didn’t realize what a Godsend Fresno’s agriculture was until I came here. Fruit just cannot get sweeter than the variety they have in Fresno. Apples, peaches… just does not get sweeter and riper than Fresno’s. Thank the Lord for Fresno (I never thought I’d say that).

I’m sure I’ll have lots more to write about regarding American food in the future! Woo!