New York is the City That Never Sleeps? Pshh. SEOUL is the City That Never Sleeps.

Seriously. My room is right next to a major road, and even after 3 AM, you will not hear complete silence for longer than 30 seconds. I seriously timed it when I couldn’t sleep last night. Cars just whizzing by, and the rain just made the cars louder (you know how tires hiss when driving over rainy roads). That’s one of the things I keep being surprised by. People are still walking around outside at late hours. Seoul is a generally safe city, so people are always around. You guys know how it’s like in Fresno, it’s like… 9 or 10 PM and the entire pedestrian population vanishes and you’re scared to walk down the street for Taco Bell so you take the car like everyone else, haha. Kids here think nothing of going somewhere late at night. A group of us went to the 한강 (Han River, a big river that runs through the middle of Seoul) last Wednesday night at around 9 or 10 PM. There’s a kind of park area next to the river, and lots of people were still sitting on blankets and talking, eating snacks, and so forth, even after we were done taking our river boat ride (it was 11 PM by then). Haha, that reminds me of when some of us in Fresno would go to the Tower District late at night (AND COMMANDO NIGHT THERE WOOOOO~) and be perfectly safe, except that the area was completely deserted.

I’m so tired right now, haha. I really need to start going to sleep earlier than 1 or 2 AM, haha. But I have the entire next week off because of the Korean Thanksgiving holiday! 😀 I will explain more about that in the next post, which will be a real post, with pictures and everything. Oh, and my cousin’s wedding, too! Ta ta~